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We Start … Where Others Stop!!! Whether you have bought a policy from us or not:  Beeinsured is here to serve.

Register / Upload your insurance policies and let us worry about Emergencies, Renewals, and Claims. You can initiate service requests,
understand how your policy works and know what is covered & what is not.
Emergency Services
Emergency Services
Register an Emergency Contact Person and we will ensure that your family gets all the required support in the case of an eventuality.
Renewal Reminders
Renewal Reminders
You will never miss insurance renewals now, Get Reminders via SMS, EMAIL or CALLS for your registered insurance policy.
Knowledge Services
Knowledge & Services
Understanding and getting services related to insurance is often cumbersome! Get In-depth Knowledge about products & services offered.

What Makes Beeinsured Different?

Beeinsured is a One-Stop-Shop for all your insurance needs. A user-friendly online platform which helps you to Understand, Compare & Purchase the Right Insurance Products
that best suits your needs. With more than 30+ Insurance Companies offering 200+ Products, it is grueling to determine which company to choose from.
We strive to make your buying experience simpler, smarter and faster.

Best Suited Product
Best Suited Product
Making a choice isn't easy, more so with insurance. Our Trained Relationship Managers will suggest you the best-suited products.
Advice at your Doorstep
Advice at your Doorstep
Our services extend till your doorstep. Discuss and Decide your Insurance Needs from the comfort of your own home.
All Insurance Products
All Insurance Products
Compare & Choose the Best Insurance Plans under a single roof. We've tied up with the best in business just for you.
Services Claims Support
Services & Claims Support
Our dedicated Service & Claim Domain Experts offer Prompt Solutions to your insurance related concerns.

We Have Done It All...

105 Cr
Insurance Premium Collected
Health & Life Insurance Policies
Happy Families

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Personalized Services

At Beeinsured, our main aim to provide Personalized Solutions to our customers. With us, your insurance needs are covered and protected at all times.
Our experts can help you Plan the Most Crucial Decision of your life without having to worry!
  1. Qualified RM's at Just a Click
  2. Insurance Specialists to Cater to all your Needs
  3. Spread across 8 Locations to offer you Timely Service & Quick Advice
  1. Need Analysis
  2. Financial Health Checkup
  3. Analysis of Current Insurance Portfolio
  4. Best Policy Recommendations
  1. Informed Decision
  2. Flexible Payment Options

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